The Cincinnati Boychoir makes opportunities for boys in Greater Cincinnati to sing

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Making opportunities for boys in the Greater Cincinnati area to sing

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Mission Statement

The Cincinnati Boychoir provides exceptional concert opportunities and music education in a safe, diverse, and respectful environment.


"Sung with distinct power and eloquence"

"The children's chorus performed with polish and charm."

Janelle Gelfand, Cincinnati Enquirer

We believe in... educational experiences for boys and inspirational musical moments for audiences.


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  • Not ready to commit to a full year of choir?

      We’ve heard from many parents that their boys are interested in singing and in choir, but that a full year is a lot to commit to right off the bat. We’ve created the Passport program for young singers ages 5-10 to explore choral music for up to three six-week sessions per year. It’s a fun, no pressure way to be a […]

  • Sing Songs from South Africa at Passport to Music Camp

    Music is everywhere in South Africa. For thousands of years, African countries have kept their traditions and history alive through storytelling and music. Each country has unique songs that tell stories of their lands and people. At Passport to Music, the boys will learn some of these songs and stories as they spend the week […]

  • Play-Based Learning at Passport to Music Camp!

    Join us at Passport to Music and groove your way to South Africa! Kids around the world love to play, and at Passport to Music, the boys will play games rooted in African culture. In rural African communities, kids might not have access to sports equipment, but they do have their voices, so many African […]

  • The Arts and Culture Change: Passport to Music Camp

    Throughout history, music and art have played a major role in resistance movements. At Passport to Music, boys will see how music and art give people strength and courage to fight injustice. Throughout the years of apartheid, South Africans used art as a form of protest and a means of expressing their struggle. The Cincinnati […]

  • African Drumming at Passport to Music Summer Camp!

    Do you know a young man who loves to move with the beat? If so, Passport to Music was designed with him in mind! When we think of African music, we think of drums. That’s because African music relies on two of the oldest instruments – the voice and the drum. At Passport to Music, […]

Our Story

Founded in 1965, the Cincinnati Boychoir has worked tirelessly, in the face of many obstacles, to make opportunities for boys in Greater Cincinnati to sing.


Learn about the many programs that the Boychoir offers to the community, from six-week "Passport to Music" sessions for young dudes to our elite touring ensemble, the Ambassadors.


What’s YOUR extraordinary? This is the question we will be asking this year as we look at all of the different ways that one can live an extraordinary life.


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