Play-Based Learning at Passport to Music Camp!

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Join us at Passport to Music and groove your way to South Africa!

Passport to Music Camp 2018

Kids around the world love to play, and at Passport to Music, the boys will play games rooted in African culture. In rural African communities, kids might not have access to sports equipment, but they do have their voices, so many African games rely on music. The boys will practice keeping a steady beat with stick-passing games from Ghana. They’ll learn about different rhythms with hand-clapping games from Zimbabwe. Every game will get the boys moving to the beat and experiencing the joy of creating music!

Through these games, the boys will feel and experience the musical concepts they are learning. Chanting and rhythm games bring to life the music they see on paper. The games will also reinforce the fundamental rhythms learned from drumming, and the boys will keep moving to the beat as they learn songs in the singing portion of camp.

If your boy loves moving and grooving, Passport to Music is the place for him!

WHO: Any boy entering grades 2–6. No previous musical experience necessary!

WHEN: June 25–29, 2018, from 9 am – 1 pm

WHERE: Aronoff Center for the Arts

COST: $199 (please call 513-396-7664 for financial aid information)