Introducing Our New Look

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Boys transform during their time with the Cincinnati Boychoir. We know this. Their voices deepen. Their shoulders broaden. They grow from boys to men, especially now that we have places for our tenors and basses to continue singing with us. Through leadership and vocal training, our musical community, and travel opportunities, the Boychoir guides them through this transformation.

We are constantly working on new ways to help every boy who sings with us walk away better equipped to be both a good citizen and a life-long lover of music. These new efforts include partnerships with four elementary schools in the Cincinnati Public School district as well as a formal cultural curriculum in which we immerse ourselves in the history and language and culture of music (more on this in our next post!).

Many boys arrive at their first rehearsal unable to focus through an hour-long rehearsal, keep their hands to themselves, or join their voice with others on their choir team. Some struggle with school. All of them love music and find being part of a Boychoir to be powerful motivation to learn, grow, and take responsibility for all aspects of their lives. Right before our eyes, we watch these boys transform into young men with poise. They learn empathy for those who are different and to manage their emotions in spite of fatigue, look out for others, resolve conflict, meet and greet strangers, try new things, and lead their younger peers by example. They embody strength under control.

Through the course of this work, we realized that we needed to refresh our visual and written presence to reflect who we are and the incredible growth that happens within our program. Thanks to the incredible generosity of Landor, we’ve had the opportunity to develop a new brand that we believe does just that!

Let us know what you think, and check out our social media channels to see examples of how this new look will show up online, in print, and even on our uniforms!