Dear Friends,

What’s YOUR extraordinary? This is the question we will be asking this year as we look at all of the different ways that one can live an extraordinary life. From the extraordinary ways in which friends are made through shared experiences, to the extraordinary lives of musicians and composers, we aim to bring to life the stories and the characters that have created amazing works of art, overcome serious obstacles, or faced oppression. We will conclude our season with a celebration of the 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela with music and storytelling from the incredibly rich culture of South Africa. Just a month after that, our Ambassadors will travel to collaborate and perform in Cape Town and Johannesburg as part of the Boychoir’s Cultural Curriculum program.

All of our choirs, however, will get to experience the rich musical culture of South Africa. With workshops and concerts right here in Cincinnati, we will be diving into the rich choral tradition of one of the world’s most amazing countries.

On behalf of the 300 members of the Cincinnati Boychoir and their families, I cordially invite you to take a journey with us; whether it’s through centuries-old Italian baroque music, or South African protest songs written just a few decades ago, we hope to help you think about YOUR extraordinary.


Christopher Eanes
Artistic Director