Why join the Cincinnati Boychoir?

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Seriously – we have so many reasons to join the Boychoir (and stay with it) that we could talk for hours. We are showing self-control and, of the many awesome things boys experience when they join the choir, we’ve assembled them into a top ten list of sorts, in no particular order.

  1. Boys learn to read music (and to use solfege – the ABCs of music and an incredible tool to learn pitch, hear harmonies, and write the music you create in your head)
    learn to read music

  2. Boys master essential life skills like learning to tie neck ties and bow ties and deciding when to wear black vs white socks. (As Ms. Nelson says, “you’ll never get a date if you wear white socks with dress shoes!”)


  3. Boys go on wild adventures close to home, including the much-anticipated Apprentices’ sleepover at the zoo.


  4. Boys have access to opportunities not available elsewhere, such as singing in a professional opera


  5. When boys attend camp, they get to sing the national anthem at a baseball game!


  6. Community – boys find a place to belong with others who love music and celebrate their talents


  7. Who says you have to play team sports to learn how to work in a team setting? Whoever they are, they’re wrong. Learning how to participate on a choir team is, we would argue, even better than playing on a field because of the mentoring and leadership experience our boys receive.


  8. Travel is one of the most effective ways to break down prejudice, and it’s something we value highly at the Boychoir. Boys start right away traveling around the Cincinnati area, performing for residents at nursing homes, visiting schools, and learning how to introduce themselves and have conversations with their audiences. Our more seasoned choirs travel across the country and sometimes around the world!


  9. The Cincinnati Boychoir is a professional-level ensemble, and our choirs sing with other professional music organizations, including the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Cincinnati Opera, the Pops, and the May Festival Chorus as well as traveling groups like the Tenors and the Monaco Boys Choir. These opportunities teach them poise, pluck, and professionalism like no other!


  10. Performing requires seriousness, but it’s also really fun. Boys get to put on entertaining shows with incredible performers.


If you follow us on Facebook, you know that we promised a bonus reason being in the Boychoir is so awesome. Here it is – the opportunity to sing solos. Not every boy chooses to try out, but every boy has the chance to, and both auditioning and performing builds maturity and confidence.

Singing Solos is Sweet