Touring’s Hidden Benefits

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Boychoir group photo July 2017

Olympic National Park

Traveling with a choir on tour is both memorable and magical.

Although student singers, musical staff, and dedicated parent chaperones begin the journey knowing each other well — they’ve spent hours together in rehearsal and concert throughout the season, everyone discovers a deeper level of relating while on tour.

How is it possible to find greater fulfillment than the exhilaration experienced while performing or hearing the music of some of our most revered composers?

How can anything surpass the promised wonders of travel destinations — holding a koala in Australia or hiking in Olympic National Park?

It was an unexpected discovery — touring cultivates a new ability to trust more and relate to each other with respect and without judgment. We find ourselves meeting one another eye to eye without fear, sharing thoughts, and knowing that we are accepted as we are. Traveling enables us to realize this deeper level in a safe place.

And it is both magical and memorable.


Contributed by Bonnie Spain, accompanist