You must purchase Boychoir uniforms through Educational Outfitters.

Educational Outfitters has two locations:

2656 East Sharon Road
Cincinnati OH 45241

6560 Glenway Avenue
Cincinnati OH 45211

Cost for uniform pieces is set by Educational Outfitters.  See their website for more information at educationaloutfitters.com.  Click “Shop” then type “Cincinnati Boychoir” in the box.  To ensure best fit, we strongly recommend you go to the store and try items on.

Required Uniform Pieces

You MUST purchase the following uniform items from Educational Outfitters:

  • All Choirs: Plain-front khaki pants
  • Trainees: Gray polo with Boychoir logo
  • Apprentices: Burgundy polo with Boychoir logo
  • JourneyMen and Ambassadors – Sopranos/Altos: black v-neck sweater with Boychoir logo (embroidered)
  • JourneyMen, Ambassadors, DeltaChor: Black polo with Boychoir logo, Boychoir tie

You may purchase the following items at any clothing retailer:

  • All Choirs: black leather belt, black leather lace-up dress shoes, (no patent leather or wingtips), black socks
  • JourneyMen, Ambassadors, DeltaChor: white Oxford (button-collar) dress shirt, either long- or short-sleeved
  • DeltaChor and Ambassadors – tenors/basses: black blazer