Choirs & Programs

Boychoir Experience

Instructor: KellyAnn Nelson
Accompanist: Bonnie K. Spain
Open to: any boy grades 1 – 4

Boychoir Experience provides an opportunity for boys in grades 1 – 4 to participate in the Cincinnati Boychoir without an audition.  During each 6-week session, boys learn about music-making and participation on a choral “team” within the confines of a friendly and fun environment. Basic musical concepts are taught through singing, movement, games and a variety of activities,  At the end of each session, Boychoir Experience participants will join with the entire Cincinnati Boychoir in a concert.

Classes: Saturdays, 9:00 – 10:00 am, Cincinnati Boychoir
Cost: $95 for a six-week session (check website for schedule)

Training Choir

Director: KellyAnn Nelson
Accompanist: Shiloh Roby
Open to: any boy in grades 3-5 who successfully completes the entrance audition.

The Training Choir is the first year-round choral ensemble in which a Cincinnati Boychoir singer participates.  The experience assumes no prior knowledge or experience with music and singing, and provides each boy the fundamental skills he will need to achieve success throughout the Boychoir program. Regular music theory lessons (taught during scheduled rehearsal times) enhance the teaching of basic vocal and musicianship skills.  All rehearsals are structured to fit multiple learning styles and are specifically “boy-friendly”, including opportunities for them to sing together, develop choral “teamwork” skills, play music games, and become contributing citizens within the Cincinnati Boychoir family.  All boys participate in a program of mentorship (in which returning boys serve as “big brothers” to new boys) and periodic assessments are given in order to monitor each boy’s progress.

Specific music theory topics include identification/understanding of musical symbols & terms, identification/reading of simple rhythms & meters, and identification/reading of diatonic scales & melodies. Vocal instruction emphasizes the ability to access their head voice, proper breathing technique, phonation/placement, and diction.  Training Choir singers work on repertoire that is unison or 2-part, and special attention is paid to developing “music listening ears” so that singers can focus on intonation and holding his own part in a choral piece.

Rehearsals: Mondays, 6:30 – 8:00 pm, Memorial Hall
Cost: $245 per semester (September & January)

Concert Choir

Director: Christopher Eanes
Associate Director/Accompanist: Bonnie K. Spain

Boys that successfully complete the Training Choir are invited to join the Concert Choir, the Cincinnati Boychoir’s main performing ensemble. The Concert Choir performs at most of the concerts located within the city limits of Cincinnati, including an annual major work with orchestra, and periodic appearances with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, May Festival, and the Cincinnati Opera, among others. Boys in the Concert Choir continue their training in music theory (including periodic assessments), vocal development, musicianship, and stage presence, and are given the mentoring role as a ‘big brother’ to a Training Choir boy.

Specific music theory topics include sight-reading of increasingly complex rhythms & meters, diatonic scales & key signatures, and basic interval identification. Vocal instruction continues to emphasize respiration (particularly as the boy matures physically), phonation/placement, and diction. The International Phonetic Alphabet is taught to all singers in order to manage proper diction in foreign languages.

Rehearsals: Mondays, 6:30 – 8:30, Cincinnati Memorial Hall
Cost: $295 per semester (September & January) + $25 refundable music deposit

Tour Choir

Director: Christopher Eanes
Associate Director/Accompanist: Bonnie K. Spain

The Tour Choir is a chamber choir within the Concert Choir, and is the Cincinnati Boychoir’s premiere ensemble. The Tour Choir performs approximately 35 concerts each year throughout the Greater Cincinnati area, and undertakes an annual performance tour. Boys that wish to sing in the Tour Choir must show the highest level of dedication to their music-making, as well as maturity and leadership within choral rehearsals and performances. Criteria for joining the Tour Choir include: boy’s score on the Tour Choir entrance test; vocal & physical maturity; leadership capability; discretion of the director. Participation in the Tour Choir requires a great deal of time & commitment both from the boy and from his family, and the ensemble works professionally as a contracted choir when called upon.

Music theory skills continue to be honed in the Tour Choir; boys learn non-diatonic scales, interval naming, and basic triadic harmony. Vocally, the boys are encouraged to continue to learn healthy singing; often, the boy’s voice will begin to change during his Tour Choir tenure, and individual instruction may be necessary to aid him through the transition.

Rehearsals: Mondays, 6:30 – 8:30, Cincinnati Memorial Hall
Thursdays, 6:30 – 8:30, Cincinnati Boychoir
Cost: $345 per semester (September & January) + $25 refundable music deposit


Men’s Glee Club

Director: Christopher Eanes
Associate Director/Accompanist: Bonnie K. Spain

The Men’s Glee Club is an ensemble for changed and changing male voices, and is open to all graduates of the Cincinnati Boychoir, as well as non-graduates by audition or permission of the director. The ensemble performs on all major Boychoir concerts, including the annual major work with orchestra. The Men’s Glee Club focuses attention on training the male voice, particularly those that are changing or have just changed.

Rehearsals:Wednesdays, 7:00 – 9:00, Cincinnati Boychoir
Cost: $200 per semester (September & January)

Additional Boychoir Opportunities:

All-City Boychoir Festival: The Cincinnati Boychoir was founded in the Cincinnati schools in 1965.  To that end, the Cincinnati Boychoir celebrates its connection to the local schools with an annual All-City Boychoir Festival.

Teachers from throughout the Greater Cincinnati area are invited to send up to 10 boys in 1st – 4th grades to sing with the Cincinnati Boychoir on a Saturday morning filled with music, friends, and fun!  Teachers are also invited to attend a simultaneous music education workshop at which they can earn continuing education credit and gain new ideas for their classroom.

No advance preparation is needed, and each boy will receive a t-shirt and a pizza lunch.  Participating boys are assigned a “big brother” from the year-round choir, and in a very short time, boys from across the city are singing and having fun together.  The day ends with a public concert at the end of the day, at which parents and other audience members can celebrate the hard work and joy that hundreds of boys from dozens of local schools have put into creating beautiful choral music in just one day.

Timeframe:  3rd Saturday in February, 8:30am – 1:30pm (lunch & t-shirt provided)

Registration Cost:  $10 per student (bussing provided to schools hosting a “Cincinnati Sings” Public School Boychoir)

SongFest Summer Music Camp for Boys:

SongFest offers a unique and rewarding musical experience for boys entering grades 3-6.  This week-long day camp includes choral rehearsals, music theory classes, games, recreation, and even an African drum circle!  SongFest serves as a great introduction to the Cincinnati Boychoir for incoming students, as well as a focused way to start the year for returning members.  The program of mentorship is strong at camp, and over a hundred boys of all ages & background interact, work together and create phenomenal music during a week filled with fun, friends, and exciting music education!


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