“Cincinnati Boychoir is not just any children’s choir” – Cincinnati Enquirer

We couldn’t agree more! Since 1965, The Cincinnati Boychoir has been providing a music education for boys from throughout Cincinnati, and to date has graduated some 3,500 alumni from the choir program.

The Program

The Boychoir program is a tiered one: all new boys enter the Training Choir for a semester to a year; the Training Choir provides boys with the fundamental skills necessary for reading music, building a nice vocal tone, and performing for an audience. Those boys that successfully complete the year then move to the Concert Choir the following fall. In the Concert Choir, more emphasis is placed on performance, and the fundamental skills they attain in the Training Choir are built upon.

At any time, a Concert Choir boy may take a test to become eligible for the Tour Choir. This is an assessment of the skills he has learned at the Boychoir, and when he receives a satisfactory score on the test he may be called to audition for the Tour Choir.

The Tour Choir of the Cincinnati Boychoir is the premiere ensemble, and undertakes some 30-40 performances each year in addition to a week-long tour. Boys from the Tour Choir are regularly called upon to perform as a choir or as soloists with local organizations, including the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Cincinnati May Festival, and the Cincinnati Opera. A boy may remain in the Tour Choir until his voice changes.

The Men’s Glee Club is an ensemble for boys and men with changed and changing voices. We encourage all boys whose voices are changing to sing in the Men’s Glee Club, as it allows them to find their adult voice in a constructive but musically demanding setting.

The Education

In our opinion, two things make this organization truly unique: first, the single-gender environment allows the Boychoir staff to focus on the unique needs of boys, which are often overlooked in today’s teaching environments. Second, we believe that the act of putting together top-notch performances is a teaching tool in and of itself; the self-discipline, attention to detail, and drive needed to put on high level concerts each year teaches boys to take their work seriously and to believe in what they are doing. The Cincinnati Boychoir Tour Choir has performed on many of the nation’s great stages, including The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and Cincinnati’s own Music Hall. These performances are life changing for the boys that perform them.

We also believe that our best teaching tool is the role models that the older boys can be for the younger boys; to this end, every boy in our program sings together every week, and each of the older boys has a ‘little brother’ that he looks out for in the Training Choir.

Of course, we also enjoy watching boys grow to become self-confident, intelligent, and well-mannered young men! Many of our alumni have gone on to careers in music and music education, but many have not. All, however, tell us that their Boychoir experience was a life-changing one.

The Choirs

Training Choir
Mondays 6:30 – 8:00pm (Memorial Hall Downtown)
Mrs. KellyAnn Nelson, conductor

Concert Choir
Mondays 6:30 – 8:30 pm (Memorial Hall Downtown)
Dr. Christopher Eanes, conductor

Tour Choir
Mondays (Memorial Hall Downtown) & Thursdays (Cincinnati Boychoir Choral Arts Center in Norwood) 6:30-8:30
Dr. Christopher Eanes, conductor

Men’s Glee Club
Sundays 4:00 – 6:00 pm (Cincinnati Boychoir Choral Arts Center in Norwood)
Dr. Christopher Eanes, conductor


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