Boychoir on the road: Nashville

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Written by: Callahan Geoppinger, 8th Grade

On image1 (5)June 1st the 2016 “Blues and BBQ tour began. We started off by heading down to the Greenwood Mall in Bowling Green. Thanks to our great luck however, we had to take a huge detour from interstate blockage! Still, we actually arrived at the mall more than twenty minutes early, due to Mr. Eanes’ revelation of the Central Time Zone. When we arrived at the mall we were free to look and even shop around. Chance went to find another tour fedora while Oscar perused Hot Topic. I was also able to get thoughts on the start of another tour. Aden Devlin-Bergman said “The bus drive was entertaining and fast.” Chancellor Wayne said “The tour is off to a good start.” Mr. Eanes also commented, “everything is going swimmingly.”

image1 (4)Later we arrived in Nashville. We were pleased to see the skyline of the city with the prominent “Batman” building looming over the other buildings. We drove to Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music, one of the very few full time music schools in America. When we first walked in we saw a few of the young boys. We noticed that they have a very similar fashion sense as us, rocking black polos and khaki shorts. We then were ushered onto the stage and we sat down in our seats. Then we met a woman who bore a striking resemblance to Miss Zagorianos; she said nothing at first and went straight into a warmup. After the warmup she introduced herself as Mrs. Biddlecombe, the director of the Blair Children’s Chorus. We were to teach each other songs. The Blair Children’s Chorus shared with us a song called Keep Your Lamps! We then shared Praise His Holy Name with the Children’s Chorus. Then after the rehearsal we took a tour of Vanderbilt University, and saw the sites. The tour was lead by Mr. Biddlecombe who conducts a collegium choir like Dr. Eanes. We explored all the landmarks, from the dormitories, to the library, to the huge lawn that more than 50,000 people stood on for graduation. After the tour we practiced once more, ate pizza and had a wonderful concert. We were tuckered out after the exciting first day and we headed to the hotel.

As a new Tour Choir Tradition we have Chancellor’s Photo Contest’s, each with its own theme for the day. Expect the winning entries as well as photos from other places that we go to.

Today’s Theme: Collaboration photos, or odd things outside the bus window.