Boychoir on the Road: Mobile & Birmingham

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Boychoir Blog: Mobile, Alabama

DSC_0009 (2)We woke bright and early for the trip to Mobile in New Orleans. We all hurried on the bus which was parked at the French Market then headed to the most pressing matter, breakfast at La. Pines Café. After the meal we sang and headed to Mobile. The city was very quaint and pretty. Our first stop was the USS Alabama battle ship. Before the tour we, of course, ate lunch. After the lunch it was time for the self-guided tour of the ship to start. The ship was amazing: we saw the engine, the rockets that they launched, and where they ate. When our chaperone group was to meet with another at the top of the ship on a balcony I was racing up the step and hit my head on the unpadded metal. We did sing at the top and it sounded great! After the singing on the top we sang on the main deck for everyone. Then we left to look at the submarine and the planes and the gift shop. The Plane exhibit had a flight simulator and many actual planes flown in wars. And the submarine also had all original equipment on it. After the tours we left to do our collaboration with the Mobile Singing Children. We went to St. Paul’s Episcopal church too meet them. We warmed up together then we practiced Praise His Holy Name. Then we had a chat session and snack. Mr. Eanes was surprised that we could talk to girls so well. Then we had the concert which was amazing, we were not the Mobile Singing Children or the Cincinnati Boychoir we were one choir. After the concert it was time for the Boychoir Banquet at the BlueGill Restaurant. We all sat down and waited for our food to come. When it did Dr. Eanes stopped us and said that he had awards and prizes for us; each that reflected what we did on the tour. I received a battleship pencil sharpener, to show how sharp I am. Josiah received a voodoo doll called “Super Boy.” Christopher received alligator clothespins to hang his freshly ironed shirts on. Then we all ate dinner. After dinner we took pictures while dabbing. After the banquet was finished it was around 11:00 so we went to bed at the hotel right away.


Boychoir Blog: Birmingham

DSC_0010 (2)There was almost no time in the morning before it was time to go. We definitely had a long day ahead of us. Our first stop for the day was Selma, Alabama; home of Bloody Sunday. We had lunch at Side Porch Sandwiches and then we walked over to Brown Chapel. On the way we met a lady who was there during the massacre and she now runs a museum, Annie Pearl Avery, you can even google her! Brown chapel was the place where Martin Luther King Jr. started his marches to Montgomery. We then walked from the chapel across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, site of the massacre that took place on Bloody Sunday. After the walk we got on the bus and went to a rest stop/museum that told us about Tent City. Tent City was the half way point between Montgomery and Selma and where everyone stayed the night. Because of time constraints we could not go to Montgomery and visit the state capitol building so we just went straight to Birmingham. We all met our homestays, had dinner and went to bed. DSC_0005The next day we had breakfast at our homestays and then met at the church to take the bus into down town Birmingham for a Civil Rights Tour We toured 16th street Baptist Church, Dynamite Hill, and other Civil Rights Landmarks. After lunch it was time to go back to the venue for our concert and practice with the Chattanooga Boys Choir and the Birmingham Boys Choir. We practiced then had dinner together. Finally, it was time for the big concert. Time to end the tour off with three-way choir bang. The concert was amazing: our homestay’s older sister was taking notes and started to cry even. After the concert we went to our homestays and prepared for the journey home. Thank You reading the Boychoir Blog! Shout out to Chancellor Wayne for the pictures. This has been Boychoir Journalist Callahan Geoppinger. Thanks Again!