Boychoir on the Road: Memphis

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Performing at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, Memphis

Performing at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, Memphis

The next day we woke up and we left the La Quinta for Memphis. We were all ready for the longer trip we had ahead of us. Our first stop was at the Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. However, we had a more pressing matter…lunch. We all had lunch even though there was a shortage of trays. We first sang to a few patients in a waiting room. Finally, we started to set up for the concert. At first I thought that the space we were preforming in was small, but then I was told that kids who are too ill to even leave the bed can watch us sing on their telly. Not a lot of people came at first but by the time we were singing Tres Cantos Nativos we really had their attention. I felt a little bad though as I saw so many children who were in bad condition. I saw one who had to have his head suspended by a crane and another who was in a wheelchair bed. However, I could tell they liked us, I noticed a particular liking to Om’Oba Ni. We left the hospital in very high spirits that day.

After that we were going to explore Beale Street hadn’t it been raining. So we just drove around and looked at the neon signs and went to check in at the hotel. We then waited until it was time to head to the venue of St. Peter Catholic Church. The venue was a real treat as I am Catholic and it had remarkable acoustics. Mr. Eanes was excited because the acoustics of this beautiful church would be great for Christus Factus Est. We all got ready for our big concert by testing out everything then we were ready. However, there was a problem that not many people came, but our audience was wonderful regardless. After the concert we all walked to Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous to eat dinner. Then at around 10:30 we finally started back to the hotel.

BBQ Dinner!

BBQ Dinner!

Then next day was a day of sightseeing. Our first stop was the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel. For those who do not know the Lorraine Motel was the motel that Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in, and it has been added on to and became the museum. We first looked at a big floor map that showed were the slaves came from. Next we watched a movie on the museum. After the movie something strange happened, the movie screen slid away and we could walk through it! It led to more exhibits like a Greyhound Bus blown up by the Ku Klux Klan, and a replica of the bus that Rosa Parks rode on. We looked at many other exhibits and then we were ready to explore the legacy of the killing. We walked across the street, after singing Lift Every and Sing, also known as the African-American national anthem. The Legacy starts from an underground tunnel and then goes to the building were the shots were fired. The building also has many relics from the shooter. We all boarded the bus afterword for Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken. I will not talk too much about that place; however, you can look at my review on Google.

Our  chaperones have big hearts!

Our chaperones have big hearts!

Next we were to learn about the music of Memphis so we drove to the studio of the sun: Sun Studio. We had our own private tour and we were also able to listen to some rockin’ music. We next traveled by bus to Stax Soul Records. We were able to get funky with all the cool exhibits on Soul through the ages and explore the recording facilities. When we were feeling groovy enough we went to mellow it out at the Mellow Mushroom. After dinner we went to the Paradiso Theatre to have movie night were we watched The Jungle Book which we had a bad fellow audience. Families with little kids were plentiful and many of us had popcorn thrown at us and the little kids shrieked lots. It again was really late when we finally went to bed again and we are traveling to New Orleans tomorrow. Thanks for reading, enjoy Chance’s photos and as always have a soulful day.

By Callahan Geoppinger, Alto