Ambassadors Tour: Day 3

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Seattle, Washington

Today, thankfully, we were able to get up later. This morning we also learned what our pending activity was: The Museum of Flight.

But first we had to perform our first concert of the tour at St. James Catholic Parish. The nave was a sight to behold with vaulted golden ceilings and a large skylight. The concert, which only contained sacred music, was rather successful and the audience gave us numerous compliments.

St James Cathedral

After the concert we traveled to the Museum of Flight, right by the Boeing Factory. We had lunch at the museum’s café and then split into chaperone groups. My group, Group Bach, went and saw World War 2 fighters and then we went through 4 planes: Air Force One, a Concorde, a B-787, and a B-747. Next, we all saw an I-MAX film about aircraft carriers.

We then departed for a special vegan dinner. After the dinner the choir went to SafeCo Field to watch the Seattle Mariners play the Oakland Athletics. We watched until the seventh inning and then left. We were very tired, and we instantly went to bed.

Photo Contest Winner: Tyler D