Ambassadors Tour: Day 2

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Seattle's Space Needle

Seattle’s Space Needle, image credit: Paul A

Seattle, Washington

Today we started the day bright and early, some early as 6:00 AM. We all woke up today knowing that we had a day of enjoyment ahead of us.

We got on the bus and headed to Seattle to see the Space Needle. The gargantuan structure is always impressive to see up-close. With its Space Age design, it cannot be missed.

View of Seattle from atop the Space Needle

View of Seattle from atop the Space Needle, image credit: Paul A

At the Needle, you get a photo before you go up (I was lucky enough to get one with Dr. Eanes). After going up the glass elevator, we came out to the observation deck where we could see Seattle, Mt. Rainier, and the Peugeot Sound.

Once we got off we had lunch at MOD Pizza, then sang for everyone in the restaurant.

Tour of the Seattle Underground

Tour of the Seattle Underground, image credit: Paul A

Our next stop was the Olympic Sculpture Park, but we only saw one sculpture. After that, we set off for Pioneer Square and the Seattle Underground Tour.

The Seattle Underground came about after the city had a need for a working sewer system. Due to the marshy area, the city needed to be raised up. The city built walls around the buildings then covered them, creating raised roads and space for a sewer system. Even after the Underground was covered, people still went down there to shop. Our tour guide Jim did a wonderful job showing us around the Underground and put in witty humor as well.

Sunset on the pier in Seattle, Washington

Today’s photo contest winner, taken by Mark S.

Then, we went to the pier and spent some time with each other before dinner. Dinner at the Crab Pot was quite the experience and almost everyone enjoyed it. We had delicious fish and chips as well as crab.

We were rather tired after today, and we all went straight to bed when we returned to our hotel.