Greetings alumni!

Of course by now you know that we are quickly approaching the Boychoir’s fiftieth anniversary season; the first rehearsal of the Boychoir (then the All City Boys’ Chorus) took place on March 6th, 1965.DSC_0436

Because of this milestone, we want to get back in touch with as many Boychoir alumni as we can, and to do that we need your help.

First, we’d like to have your updated information; where you are, what you are doing, whether you’re still singing, etc. Will you take a second to give us your updated contact information?

Second, do you know of any alumni that we should contact? We are particularly looking for alumni from the ’60s and ’70s, and we’d love to be in contact with anyone who might have been at that very first rehearsal in 1965.

Alumni Events

Also, did you know that our Men’s Glee Club is up and running? If you’re interested in joining, have a look at the rehearsal and concert information, and give us a call in the office.

In closing, let me say that we thank you for all the support you’ve given the Boychoir over the five decades we’ve been around, and it is due to your talent that the Boychoir holds its place as one of the foremost organizations of its kind in the country. As we look forward to continued growth, we are in need of the financial support to do so. We would appreciate a gift of any amount, and you can make your donation online.

Thank you, and we hope to hear from you soon!

- The Cincinnati Boychoir Staff & Board of Trustees


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